This plan is specific to your needs and completely individualized. Your current body composition, desired body composition, current activity levels and lifestyle will be taken into account to provide you with a high performance plan to achieve your goals.
Whether your aiming for a personal best or looking to simply get back on track this plan will provide you a step by step guide for you to achieve your goals.

Elite Plan
7 day dietary assessment prior 
to consultation.
Clinical consultation / assessment
Individualized diet plan, specific energy requirements for set days, multiple menu and snack options can energy targets.
Relevant accompanying  information to assist individualised plan.   

The high performance program ensures you have regular follow up to fine tune your plan, adapt and continually learn along the way. Training programs are periodised and so should your nutrition plan be. These follow ups will allow for constant refinement and allow for consistent education to up skill. 
 Also the one consistent factor when researching successful weight loss is the ability to have follow up consultations. This provides accountability to help drive motivation as well as problem solve and reassess along the way. 

High Performance Program
Packaged deal to ensure you meet your goals and develop the ultimate knowledge and skills along the way.
Leave no stone unturned in your journey to success.
1 x elite plan + 3 x follow ups 
Save $99

Follow up appointments provide a vital vehicle to further educate along your journey. They also provide valuable motivation to keep your accountable to your goals, breaking it down to small weekly  / monthly targets is vital for success. 

For the serious athlete or competitor, training programs will vary across the course of a season. Altering your nutrition program is vital for optimal results and adaptation. 

Review of progress 
Reassess requirements depending on progression of body composition / body weight changes, changes to training program / exercise regime.
Allow for further education and refinement of personalised plan 
Follow up
Individualised Plan only
No time for a consult? Just want to get down to business?
Just provide relevant details, training program and have an individualised plan ready to optimize your performance
or to  start your journey. 
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Have Dane present at your organisation, team or club on topics specific to your requirements
Use the latest science, high performance best practice presented in an interactive and simplified way to improve the performance of your group. 
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