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Dane Baker - Performance Dietitian

Dane is a New Zealand Registered Dietitian who has worked extensively with New Zealand’s leading athletes and sporting organisations over the past 10 years. Upon graduating in 2003 Dane worked clinically in Diabetes for the Waitemata DHB before becoming immersed in sports nutrition.

In 2008 he worked abroad in Qatar where he was a sports nutrition specialist at ASPETAR, a world leading FIFA sports medicine facility. Since his return in 2009 he has worked with the Chiefs rugby team, were he was part of their back to back titles in 2012 & 2013 and has been part of setting up an innovative research program with Otago and Waikato University which drives many of the nutrition and sports medicine interventions the team use. During this time Dane has also worked extensively with High Performance Sport New Zealand where he is a Senior Performance Nutritionist and the lead provider for the Black Ferns 7's team (2014-current), NZ Men’s Hockey (2010- present) and NZ Swimming (2010-2017).

Dane is also involved with numerous research projects and is a guest lecturer in Sports Nutrition at Auckland and Otago University.

Dane is a passionate golfer, surfer and lover of all sports when he doesn’t have his handful looking after his young family.

NZ Registered Dietitian
PG Dip Diet (Otago)
IOC Dip Sports Nutrition (Distinction)
BSc Human Nutrition (Otago)
Dip Sporting Performance (Otago)

High Performance Sport New Zealand  (2010 - Current).

Chiefs Super Rugby  (2009- Current)

Black Ferns Sevens (2014 - Current)

Black Sticks Men Hockey (2010 - Current)

Rio Olympics - NZ Support Team  (2016)

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games - NZ Support Team (2018)

NZ Swimming (2010 - 2017)

North Harbour Rugby (2016- Current)

Counties Manukau Rugby (2011 - 2016)

NZ Golf (2014- Current)

NZ Football Ferns (2010-2012)

Auckland University - Sports Nutrition Lecturer (2015-Present)

Otago University - Sports Nutrition Lecturer (2018)

Qatar Football team / Aspetar (2008 - 2009)

Waitakere Hospital (Diabetes Dietitian 2005 - 2008)

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