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Driven by Evidence

Fueled by Science

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I'm a Performance Dietitian that is driven to improve the health and performance of the clients and athletes that I work with. I have been fortunate to work with leading organisations, sports teams and experience competition at the highest levels such as the Olympic and Commonwealth games. 

My approach is to provide cutting edge science that is evidenced based to optimize the performance of who I work with. You wont find fads diets, pseudoscience or celebrity nutrition here, just a passion to optimize health and performance that is specific to you and your desired outcomes.


How I Can

Help You

Whether you are an elite athlete or an office superstar looking to improve your diet or just lose a little weight I can help you along your journey. 

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Individualized Performance Plans

  • Fueling the young athlete

  • Competition Plans​

  • Supplementation 

  • Body Composition Management

  • Weight Loss               

  • Lifestyle Management

  • Osteoarthritis Management

  • Correcting Energy Deficiency (RED-S) 

  • Injury Management

  • Gains in Muscle Mass

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